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Exclusive artistic porcelain made to order

Exclusive artistic porcelain is products made according to an individual project, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the client.

Throughout the world, artistic porcelain products are valued for their uniqueness, sophistication, and aristocracy. Especially since all exclusive products are handmade, demonstrating a high level of the artist's skill.

The art of making porcelain products allows to fully reveal the unique properties and wonderful features of the material, such as:

  • Semi-transparency,
  • A very delicate texture,
  • Noble whiteness,
  • Clean painting.

Buy exclusive author's porcelain in an online store

In the catalog of our online store, a wide variety of custom-made products are presented. We are ready to offer our clients the creation of unique products according to an individual project. As a result, you get exclusive porcelain that can become a valuable addition to your collection or a beautiful gift for a loved one. Thanks to the manufacturing technology and author's painting, it is difficult to imagine that there is another similar product in the world.

The cost of artistic porcelain

Some products are made in limited editions, while author's porcelain is mainly produced in a single copy. Therefore, the value of professional author's porcelain is in the highest price range.

The cost of custom-made porcelain mainly depends on the size of the product, as well as on the individual requirements of the client. In any case, you will receive high-quality porcelain that far surpasses mass-produced porcelain products in terms of manufacturing process and painting.

Our specialists will be happy to take your order and help you create a technical assignment for an exclusive project.



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